Didactic Design

Combining my background in educational studies with my skills as a designer, I have contributed to several educational projects, seeking to reform education and support the acquisition of 21st century skills.


Gamifying the Process of Innovation

As a consultant, I helped facilitate a week of design-based learning for 150 teens at Antvorskov Skole. Working with Hippomini and Fab Lab Danmark, I developed the prototype of an innovation game for pupils and teachers, to help them navigate in the design process. Playing the game proved effective for fleshing out ideas, planning tasks and improving group communication. A more polished version of the game is currently in development.


Designing The School of Tomorrow

Working as a didactic designer for Hippomini, I was part of an ambitious pilot project, modeling a digitally enriched learning environment for the 4th graders in Bagsværd Skole. For an entire month, regular lessons were replaced with workshops on coding, fabrication technologies and media production, built on a foundation of design-thinking and feedback. The succesful project has since been followed by shorter interventions for 2nd and 7th grade.


Turning Children Into Game Makers with Spilværk

The idea behind Spilværk is to create learning experiences that provide skills relevant to the 21st century, combining games, programming and design thinking. Through a series of school workshops,  I have worked as a game design mentor and workshop facilitator, with fellow GAMES students from the IT University of Copenhagen. Spilværk works with The Danish Film Institute and The Media Council for Children and Young People to strengthen digital literacy.