Dødt Kød

Dødt Kød (Dead Meat) is a live action role-playing game, dealing with loss, segregation and rehabilitation after a zombie outbreak. With inspiration from games like The Walking Dead and the TV series In the Flesh, Dødt Kød emphasizes human conflicts and dilemmas more than action scenes. There is no fixed outcome. Instead, the players interpret their characters freely and create an intricate web of unique narratives.



The story takes place after a zombie uprising, few months after a medical breakthrough. The dead, who rose from their graves as zombies, can now be treated medically. With a daily injection, their cognitive functions are back to normal, and the bloodthirst is gone. But can they return to the society, they were once a part of? Can they forgive themselves, after what they did in their untreated state? Can their families accept that they are no longer dead, but not truly alive either? It is up to the players to decide how their characters act and react. Nothing is fixed.



In Dødt Kød, every player gets a pre-written character with relations, goals and a dilemma they must deal with. Some characters are treated zombies, while other characters are their family members, friends, lovers and enemies. Every character belongs to a group, and the conflicting goals of the characters in it, create the drama.

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The core of the game is the emotional turmoil of dealing with loss, change, discrimination and assimilation. With a zombie-killing militia, religious extremists and zombie rights activists, the tension rises throughout the game, and the players decide how it ends. Only one thing is certain: Not everyone can be happy, and some will lose it all.

A Larp in a Box

Dødt Kød was designed as a part of the Orkerne Kommer project, seeking to empower young role-players to organise live action roleplaying games. Drawing on usability principles and tools from digital games, Dødt Kød is easy to play and easy to run with little preparation.

Everything needed to run the game fits in a box, that can be borrowed from The Roleplaying Factory. Organisers just need to recruit 15-50 players, find a location and follow the written instructions for pre-game workshops, runtime game mastering and debriefing. Read more on Dødt Kød in my thesis, Larp-In-A-Box – A Playcentric Approach to Beginner-Friendly Larp Design.