Leaving Said Dimension

Leaving Said Dimension is a puzzle game of geometry and bending dimensions. Ever notice how the silhouette of an object changes when you turn it around? Notice how it changes again when you get closer or farther away? What if you could control this distortion?


Looking for a shape not there

In Leaving Said Dimension, you are searching for a specific silhouette - you are looking for a shape that is not really there. The same 3D space looks very different depending on your perspective, and exploring this distortion is the core of the game. You only know the outline of the key you are looking for - the rest is up to you to figure out.



As a player, you switch between perspective view, orthographic view and oblique view, dramatically affecting the silhouettes of the 3D objects. You can even freeze an object, so it stays in perspective mode, while everything else changes. If you want to have your ideas of spatial reality shaken, this is the game for you! You can download a prototype of Leaving Said Dimension here, for free. 



Leaving Said Dimension was made in one weekend, at Nordic Game Jam 2016. The game was made by:
Benno Lüders: Programming
Morten Nobel-Jørgensen: Programming
Amanda Rasmussen: Game Design, Graphic Design
Mikkel Schläger: Programming