Move the Mountain

The mountains have been moving overnight, so the poor troll cannot go home. Help the troll by connecting the pieces of road and moving the troll with the arrow keys. You cannot move tiles without rotating them, so you have to think a few steps ahead to solve the puzzles.



Move the Mountain is a puzzle game that combines movement with rotation, so you need to use your imagination and think a few steps ahead to get the troll home with as few moves as possible.To combine a road tile with another, you should rotate the tile by clicking it and then clicking the place you want it to go. A tile can only rotate around a snow-capped corner (the ones with an arrow symbol). A tile cannot move to an occupied space - only the green spots are free.


Free download

Move the Mountain was designed and developed at Global Game Jam 2015. The game was made for both Windows and iOS, and you can download it here for free.  As the game was developed in Unity over the course of a weekend, the build might be a bit buggy. To play, unzip the folder, run the executable file, choose to play in window mode and use 1280 x 800 resolution.



Amanda N. Rasmussen: Idea, Game Design, Graphic Design

Francesco Laddomada: Game Design, Programming

Stayno Vasilev: Programming

Sayid Malekdoost: Sound design, Programming