Seafarer is an edu-game app for children, drawing on elements from treasure hunts, strategy games and adventure. The app enables teachers and pupils to turn outdoors areas into digitally supported playground, using augmented reality to combine movement in the physical world with actions, conflicts and progress in the game. The pupils have to combine knowledge and strategy to succeed.


Explore the Expansion of Europe with Augmented Reality

The setting of Seafarer is in the 15th century, during the Expansion of Europe. Teams of students take the roles of different European countries, and by moving around on the outdoor playground, they explore the map of the world, discover countries and fight each other to conquer land. However, as your empire grows, it gets harder to keep an overview and defend provinces, as your team needs to move around in the physical world too, cooperating to answer different types of questions.

Game Design and Visual Design

In the development of Seafarer, I had the task of turning the concept into concrete game mechanics as well as creating the visual identity and graphic assets for the game. I used Adobe Illustrator to design vector graphic assets, easily adjustable to different resolutions.



Working with GPS-tracking and augmented reality created some interesting challenges for programming as well as game design. Seafarer is still in development, being produced by PlayingMinds. I worked with the team for two months, as a game designer intern.