In Skyphant, you follow the daring adventures of our elephant hero Trunkers, who seeks the thrill he gets from falling through the air. Our fearless protagonist jumps from high cliffs down into deep valleys, and with the help of his wingsuit he soars through the air at high speed.


An elephant in a wingsuit

As Trunkers soars through the air, feeling the wind in his flappy trunk and ears, he needs to avoid hitting the sharp rocks and trees. Fortunately, an elephant has great advantages when it comes to skydiving, as he can “boost” himself forward, blowing bursts of air out of his trunk.



You control Trunkers by tapping the left or right side of the screen, and you get points from collecting coins. When you get close to an obstacle without hitting it, you gain adrenaline, which enables you to take more damage without dying. You can also use adrenaline to give Trunkers a speed boost, enabling him to crash through fallen trees and collect the treasures behind them.


Tue Madsen: Game Direction

Amanda N. Rasmussen: Project Management

Simon Bentzen: Game Design

Nicholas Bukdahl: Level Design

Julie Zintel: Art Direction

Rosen Milev: CG Art, Animation

Nadia Hamza: CG Art, Animation

Majbritt Løfgreen: Sound Design



Skyphant was developed in one week, by a team of 16 students from different educations, ranging from universities to art schools. As students of DADIU, the team made Skyphant as a practice production before moving on to the exam production. As Project Manager, I had the overall responsibly for keeping the production on track, taking care of the team and documenting the process.


Ivan Dimov: Lead Programming

Veselin Yanakiev: Pipeline Programming

Peter Troelsen: Programming

Anders Wessberg: Programming

Bo Olsen: Programming

Tomas Moesgaard: QA Programming

Dennis Godtfredsen: QA

Steffen Nygaard: QA