In Spoken you play as the boy, Ehran, who has been trapped in a dark dungeon, betrayed by his own brother. Here he meets the mysterious girl Aya. The two of you do not share a language, but you do share the desire for freedom! In order to escape, you must now find a way out using your own self-made language. Learning how to communicate with Aya is your only hope of escaping the dungeon.


Solve puzzles by creating your own language

Spoken is a 3D puzzle game developed for Android and iOS. As a player, you move through several rooms, each featuring a puzzle. You cannot solve the puzzles alone; you need cooperate with Aya. Every time you encounter a new object or action in the dungeon, you name it together.

Spoken - Sign creation

Naming objects

Combining strokes and sounds, the player creates a unique sign and name for the object. In the rest of the game, this word is used to refer to the object, and this is the way you communicate with Aya. 

Gameplay video

Spoken - Environment


Explore the immersive 3D game world by zooming and rotating the camera. The beautiful, eerie soundscape is procedurally generated, responsive and otherworldly, adding to the game experience. 


The team

Spoken was developed by a team of 16 students from different educations, ranging from universities to art schools. As students of DADIU, Danish Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment, the team had six weeks to produce and release the game. As Project Manager and Scrum Master, I had the overall responsibly for planning, keeping the production on track, taking care of the team and documenting the process. Spoken was nominated for Spilprisen 2016 in the Best Showcase category.


Made by:

Tue Madsen: Game Direction

Amanda N. Rasmussen: Project Management

Simon Bentzen: Game Design

Nicholas Bukdahl: Level Design

Julie Zintel: Art Direction

Rosen Milev: CG Art, Animation

Nadia Hamza: CG Art, Animation

Majbritt Løfgreen: Sound Design


Ivan Dimov: Lead Programming

Veselin Yanakiev: Pipeline Programming

Peter Troelsen: Programming

Anders Wessberg: Programming

Bo Olsen: Programming

Tomas Moesgaard: QA Programming

Dennis Godtfredsen: QA

Steffen Nygaard: QA